Tea and coffee service

by AlessiOmegna

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Presented at the Venice Biennale as a small utopia, the coffee set is like a city made up of gleaming cylindrical towers that are gilded inside. Within the play of reflections the “towers” set up, a line from a song of Gainsbourg’s appears blurrily, as though in a curved mirror: Café café que j’aime ta couleur café. All the cyclinders are in mirror-finish polished stainless steel with a double isothermal wall.

More Details

Coffee pot: h 24 cm, capacity 70 cl
Milk jug: h=17 cm, capacity 25 cl
Cups: h=7,6cm x d=5cm, capacity : 8,5 cl
Jug: h=24cm x d=8,5cm, capacity 80 cl
Mug: h=11 cm x d=7cm, capacity : 28,5 cl
Saucer: d=15 cm
Tray : d=42cm

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Alessi is a family business established in 1921 in Omegna, by the Lake Orta side, in Northern Italy. Started as a workshop for the manufacturing of brass and German silver sheets, in its almost centuries-old history Alessi has evolved into being recognized as one of the "Italian Design Factories", able to apply the abilities it achieved in this field to several product typologies. Alessi, an internationally oriented and change ready company, has at the same time deep roots into the cultural traditions of its territory, towards which it feels consciously obliged. Still today, in fact, Alessi is a byword for machine-aided handicraft.