MATT sleeve - Laptop 13"

by ObjektenBrussels

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Designed by Sylvain Willenz


Matt sleeves are rugged and tough protective skins for your hardware (can also be used for storing magazines, papers and cards). A family of resistant long-lasting upgrades for those wanting to make sure their devices are protected whilst on the move.
Made of black soft plastisol, with a unique and surprising rubber quality touch.
Made in The Netherlands

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23 x 33 x 2,5cm

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Objekten Systems is much more than a design brand; it is the vehicle of a new design vision. They believe in design as a tool for simplifying the day-to-day. So they challenge the best designers on problem-solving ideas. And together, they turn these ideas into essential objects that enhance our daily life. They believe in affordable quality and integrated ecology. So they use a radical production method: one material, one factory, one product. It's the right mix of high-quality materials, advanced manufacturing processes, and local know-how.