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Why it is a must-have

Finally a clever solution to the cable clutter that plagues modern lifestyles and makes a mess of interiors. All of your cables and plugs converge neatly in the ES 01 Extension Socket, tucked away under its sleek rounded lid. Convert cable chaos into a clean design feature for the home or office.


Timeless, clean design
There’s no need to hide the good-looking ES 01, so stow your power supplies in a clean design feature and keep them within reach.

Clever cable management
The ES 01 cleverly responds to all of your cable management needs by giving you a flexible socket layout, a removable lid, and a C-clip to group your power leads.

Energy saving made simple
The on/off switch on top of the ES 01 helps reduce energy consumption by shutting off the power supply to all the devices plugged in. A soft white light indicates the status.

More Details

5 Sockets
Plug up to five devices into the ES 01, creating a functional hub.
Removable lid
The ES 01 hides all the plugs and power cables under its sleek lid. The cleverly designed, robust locking system offers one-touch opening.
Single power switch
The tactile rubber power switch on top of the ES 01 means simultaneous on/off operation of all the devices plugged in. A soft white light indicates the status.
Cleverly positioned sockets
Inside the ES 01 the sockets are positioned to accommodate power supplies that normally cover two or three sockets, enabling you to power plugs and AC adapters of different shapes and sizes: the ES 01 gives you five fully functional sockets.
Overload protection
Forget about replacing burnt fuses! In the event of a power overload the resettable fuse immediately cuts the circuit, automatically protecting your appliance. To start up again simply press the fuse reset button on the base.
C-clip cable guide
The cables coming out of the ES 01 can be neatly grouped using the versatile rubber C-clip provided: cable clutter is tamed not only under the lid but on the outside too.

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Punkt. was founded by Petter Neby in 2008 aside a group of international professionals with a passion for design and simplicity. Headquartered in Switzerland, Punkt. works with an in-house team of professionals and the world's leading engineering firms. Also on board, as art director, is the British industrial designer Jasper Morrison.
The Punkt. brand began with the launch of its debut product, the DP 01 cordless phone, in January 2011 at Maison et Objet in Paris.