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by PunktLugano

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Why it is a must-have

Rediscover the pleasure of the traditional alarm clock. Why have your mobile phone lying on your bedside table, when you can be woken up by a superb design object like the AC 01?


Essential and timeless
If function defines design, then the essentiality of the AC 01 is natural - like the daily routine of waking up - which makes the AC 01 a timeless timepiece.

Simple and intuitive
Set the alarm on; switch it off; prolong sleep by activating snooze; check the time in the middle of the night. Four simple actions which need to be performed intuitively; as with the AC 01.

Long lasting materials
The AC 01 dial is protected by thick scratch-proof glass and surrounded by a solid aluminium body to ensure product longevity.

More Details

Smart alarm switch
Activate or deactivate the alarm with a simple manual gesture and the status will be clearly displayed on the dial.
Clever snooze button
You can activate the snooze option with your eyes closed by simply pressing the back of the alarm clock.
Light-ring dial
Just feel-in-the dark to illuminate the entire dial by gently squeezing the clock and activating the light ring.
Luminescent hand dials
The glow-in-the-dark hands and dial allow you to tell the time in complete darkness without turning the light ring on.
Long battery life
One battery for the alarm and two dedicated to the light, ensure that the AC 01 will work for a long time before having to replace the batteries.

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Punkt. was founded by Petter Neby in 2008 aside a group of international professionals with a passion for design and simplicity. Headquartered in Switzerland, Punkt. works with an in-house team of professionals and the world's leading engineering firms. Also on board, as art director, is the British industrial designer Jasper Morrison.
The Punkt. brand began with the launch of its debut product, the DP 01 cordless phone, in January 2011 at Maison et Objet in Paris.